Picchu Rio Gold S.A announces Security Token Offering (STO) with assets of GOLD DEPOSIT  in our one million tons of PRG concession 2 stock pile. PRG2 Phase 1 and Phase 2 token sale starts from 1 March 2019 to August 31, 2019. Now pre STO token sale opens to non public until February 28, 2019.  

  • Vast Quantity of Gold
  • Precious Metals and Rare Earth Mineral
  • Environment Friendly Process
  • High Yield Rate of Gold Recovery by using our Unique Advanced Technologies of Ore Processing Systems
Raised: $2,042,906.50
Softcap in 90 days. Hardcap is 180 days.

How does it work?

Place Gold from Inca

1 gram of gold assigned to the each token initially. during every stage of the project offering except the post stages.  After launching the gold mining operation in Peru, which is the purpose of this STO Project, the mined gold starts to be distributed between tokens holders in values above  and beyond their initial acquisition price of $1 per token.

Vast Quantity of Gold

The metallic minerals mining concession PRG2, granted to Picchu Rio Gold S.A., is strategically positioned at the end of the famous river of Inca lore. ( “ river of running gold” ). The Vilcanota River is renown for yielding vast quantities of gold in the past millennium for the Inca lords and the Spanish kings.

Precious metals

The PRG2 concession, also contains commercial quantities of precious metals, tungsten, zircon, scandium and rare earth minerals, in high demand by the world wide high tech industries.




Environment friendly

The PRG2 concession’s immense recoverable reserves are mineable at a very low cost to profit ratio. Initial processing contracted locally by an environmental safe company for preparation of materials for subsequent transport to offshore companies and refineries.




Invest your money safely!

Convert your Cryptocurrency into Tangible Assets

Invest your money safely!

Convert your Cryptocurrency into Tangible Assets

Invest your money safely!

Convert your Cryptocurrency into Tangible Assets

Invest your money safely!

Convert your Cryptocurrency into Tangible Assets

  • Bitcoin$7,400.87-1.55%

How does it work?

Bitcoin’s rate is so rapidly changing that miners’ wealth is either rising or falling several times a day.

With its help you can foresee how much you wish to invest and how much profit you will receive. Convert your cryptocurrency into tangible assets of true gold.

  • Convert any amount
  • True Gold
  • Track transactions
  • Token trading market
  • Certified CPA report
  • Easy-to-use

PRG2 Key project benefits

Ease of Investing online

Investor friendly tracking system

Multiple worldwide buyer/ distributors of high grade metals concentrates

Multiple worldwide buyer/ distributors of environmentally leached gold and precious metals extracted into electro winning powder.

Multiple proven commercial quantities of gold and precious metals

Low cost to profit, proprietary processing/recovery systems

Low cost shipping to offshore buyers and refineries

Ability to capture high grade gold at smaller micron levels

Lower loss per ton of precious metals during processing

Low environmental imprint by mining procedures and methods

Rapid profit yield potential for investors

Low risk ratio for short term investors

High profit potential for long term investors

Guaranteed buyback timeclock

Tradeable for produced gold bullion

How to buy Tokens ?

With its help you can foresee how much you wish to invest and how much profit you will receive.

Pre STO Token Sale

January 1 to February 28, 2019

1 PRG = $0.75
Limited Offer to non Public
1,000,000 PRG2
Buy Now!

Phase One Token Sale

March 1 to May 31, 2019

1 PRG2 = $1.00
Initial Offering
10.000.000 PRG2
Buy Now!

Phase Two Token Sale

June 1 to August 31, 2019

1 PRG2 = $2.00
Last Sale
10.000.000 PRG2
Buy Now!

Want to invest in PRG2 Tokens?

Our team will explain you to get benefits of PRG2 Tokens and  We will teach you the basis of trading.

Distribution of Tokens

  • Pre STO Sale – Non Public – 1,000,000
  • Phase I Sale – 10,000,000
  • Phase II Sale – 10,000,000
  • Founders & Team – 10,000,000
  • Advisors – 5,000,000
  • Reserve Funding – 4,000,000
  • Community Support – 5,000,000 

PRG2 Token is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with all the information about PRG2 Token, ways and methods of payment and the recent rates.

Q. What is a Token value based on gold price in 2022?

A. In 2022, gold price assums $2100 per ounce and $70 per 1 gram. A single token equals to 1 gram of god and it values $70.00 per token in 2022. $1.00 of token will raise 70 times of profit.

Q. What is a STO?


The switch to STOs

STOs are financial securities because they mimic traditional shares. These types of tokens give investors some rights to the company. Security tokens may be the answer to the government’s woes. Why? In order to start an STO, a business must complete the traditional registration process of an IPO.

Q. Can I visit on site?

A. Yes, you are welcomed to visit our site of operation in any time. Flight to Lima and transfer the flight to Cuzco. Our site is located in Quilabamba. It takes four to five hours by car from Cuzco airport. We will arrange the pickup and hotel reservation.

Q. When do I expect a token be traded to a true 1 gram of gold?

A. It is depended on number of tons of processing and recovery rate of gold from our concession 2 stock pile which is about 1,000,000 tons ready for process. The STO token project will be finished when the project refined 45 million grams of gold equals to number of token issued. We expect 3 to 5 years for a token equals to a true a gram of gold based on daily 1,000 tons processing. PRG2 Token is assigned to additional 13 million tons of gold ore in the river in the case of short of 45 million grams of god in first a million stock pile.

Q. How does a token value change in token trading market?

A. Our certified CPA will report profit and loss every quarter starting from year 2020. The token value will be variable for total accumulated production of gold. For example, if the first production year 2020 yields 13.5 million grams of gold, 30%,  a token values a gram of gold price in 2020 times 30%. If gold price is $50 per a gram, token value will be $15. If gold price is $300 per gram, a single token equals to over $100. 

Our Teamship

Our professional and experienced staff works for you

Keith D. Hall
CEO and Project Operation Director
Douglas Ashworth
Operations Director of Perú
Brian Chin Colonel USMCR Retired
Director of Security and Logistics, Advisor on Political and Social Affairs, Peru
James Gim
CTO and Platform/Block Chain Developer of the Project
Joel Yaji
Director Communities Relationship
Ernesto Gutierrez
Lead Mining Operations Engineer
Richard Woodford
Project Chemist/Metallurgist
Johan Ustua
Project Systems Engineer

Our Advisors

Our professional and experienced advisors works for you

Paul Brennan Colonel USMC Retired
Advisor Humanitarian Projects
Robert W. Johnson
Advisor Technology Integration and Advancement
ICO/STO Project Advisory
Mark Jacobsen
Advisor Technical Engineering
Ronald P. Macha
ICO/STO Marketing Advisor
Douglas Cyr
Processing Equipment Technology Advisor
Dan A Swaney
Advisor Environmental Safe Mining and Transport Operations