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Richard Woodford

Project Chemist/Metallurgist

Mr. Woodford is a Chemist and Metallurgist. Richard graduated from School of Earth Science University of Arizona where he majored in Geophysics. In 1974 Richard studied electrochemical engineering from Ohio Technical School and soon after created the first electrochemical process in the electroforming of precious metal alloys. In 1990, Richard moved to Tucson, Arizona where he continued his research of ore processing and developed a unique system for the extraction of metals from complex ores. He designed and built a fluid air pneumatic concentration table that can used wet or dry. Further, he designed and built processing mills in Benson, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Vernon, Texas and Sugar City, Colorado. He last managed the Central Arizona Mining and Milling Company in Skull Valley, Arizona while he continually researched, tested, designed and studied every aspect to break precious metals out of complex ores meeting success with his current reactor equipment and his leach recipes. His consulting services supplied to Minerals Processing Corporation and Environmental Systems Management SAC (ESM), in 2016 thru present, toward advancing the application and use of the Avimetal processing system for large scale comercial production, and currently applying his services to ESM in the processing of the Phoenix Minerals group of companies vast high grade ore, insures high success of the Picchu Rio Gold 2 project.