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Paul Brennan Colonel USMC Retired

Advisor Humanitarian Projects

University of California in 1954, joined the United States Marine Corps and received his Naval Aviator Flight Wings in 1955. He entered the USMC Reserve after additional active years and joined American Can Co. in Los Angeles. He then moved to San Francisco, New York City, Orlando and finally to Houston, Texas. Received a Business MBA from New York City University in 1965. While with American Can Co. he served on the Congressional Child Proof Packaging Committee; introducing first plastic containers for fruit drinks to the marketplace with Coke-a-Cola Foods Division, American Can Co. In 1972 he then joined Van Leer N.V. Netherlands to start up a new Division of Van Leer Plastics. With Texcon, he introduced, manufactured and provided EPS/roofing substrates, now widely used in most commercial construction. In 1983 he joined which is now the world leader with 11 international offices. Concurrently, while Director for Strategic Marketing, he also continued his military career by flying with and commanding several Marine squadrons. Retired in 1984 and Colonel of Marines In 2004, Director of Marine Support, Marine Corps Coordinating Council for the Houston- Galveston area. From 2007 to 2016 he served as a Board Advisor to Phoenix Minerals S.A., Perú, a holding company controlling 8 mining companies. In 2016 he accepted a position as Board Director for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Mr. Brennan also provides support for Minerals Processing Corporation, a Nevada based company supporting the minerals processing industry.