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Ernesto Gutierrez

Lead Mining Operations Engineer

Mining Engineer with experience in the mining and environmental sector in public and private companies. Mr. Gutierrez developed the ability to work under pressure and as a team, demonstrating effectiveness and efficiency to asume new challenges based on ethics and values, to achieve the joint development that involves the optimization of the projects. Certified at Universidad Nacional de Piura. He has a Master Degree Environmental Science at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Management software administration as well as total stations and GPS systems. Since 1991, worked for many private mining companies and different projects such as Alluvial Mining Research Project, Perú-Canadá Project-PERCAN, COSUDE GAMA Project (Environmental Management in Artisanal Mining), Macdesa, Macroconsult, Geminis, and Government Institutions such as Ministry of Energy and Mines in Public Registry of Mining, National Institute of Concessions and Cadastre Mining Area of Geodesy-National Mining Cadastre, General Direction of Mining Permit Project, Office of Small and Artisanal Mining. Performed the Picchu Rio Gold 2 mining plan for the filing of the DIA approval in 2010.