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Douglas Cyr

Processing Equipment Technology Advisor

Mr. Douglas J. Cyr led the coordination for training engineers and supervisors of personnel during 36 years with Ford Motor Company in the Production Control and Quality Section of Powertrain Engineering Department. Also, in addition to a very diverse role he was responsible for the installation of new original engineering material (OEM) for testing and validation prior to production launch. This responsibility included facilitating and preparing critical reports from onsite locations across the United States and Canada, including preparation and facilitation of executive summaries to Ford Senior Management located at the Research and Engineering Center, Dearborn MI. Mr. Cyr holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Cum Laude, (1976) and a Master of Arts Degree at Industrial Business Administration in 1980. During 1964 through 1999 he was employed by Ford Motor Corporation, and then worked as a Loan Officer/Property Manager and Real Estate License/Sales (2001-2005). From 2011 to 2016 served as Board Advisor to Phoenix Minerals S.A.,Perú, a holding company controlling 8 river mining companies in the Cusco Department.