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Dan A. Swaney

Advisor Environmental Safe Mining and Transport Operations

An accomplished business leader with over 29 years of experience. Key business activities involve: marketing planning, strategic business planning, business development, acquisitions, organizational development, forecasting and budgeting for revenue production. Mr. Swaney initiated regulatory development strategy with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regions and various State Environmental Regulatory Agencies. Collaborated successfully with company product development, manufacturing and construction teams to develop specific solutions for waste containment, environmental remediation and mining applications. He is an Advisor to the Board of Directors at Minerals Processing Corporation, owner of JERICHO INTERNATIONAL, subcontract excavation, transportation and logistics company for MPC Inc. projects. Mr. Swaney worked as Senior Manager in WASTE MANAGEMENT, North America’s largest fully integrated environmental services company, as a Senior Business Development Executive at VERISIGN, INC. He worked with BMC SOFTWARE collaborating with joint product development on new technology products and product enhancements.