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About Us

How does it work?

Picchu Rio Gold 2 (PRG2) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency Project, which provides its STO investors with a unique opportunity to invest both in crypto and real world assets by backing digital tokens (Picchu Rio Gold 2 tokens) with a pre-defined amount of proven physical in ground and stockpiled gold and gold alluvial ore.

The amount of gold, assigned to each token initially, during every stage of the Project offering except post-STO stages remain constant and equals $80 million dollars. After launching the gold mining operation in Peru, which is the purpose of this STO Project, the mined gold starts to be distributed between tokens holders in values above and beyond their initial acquisition price of $1 per token.

Our PRG2 project has already been initiating for setting up mechanical processing lines and electrostatic separation lines. 

PRG2 project will be completed in 5 years. PRG2 Token will be valued to 1 gram of true gold in 3 to 5 years.

Want to invest in PRG2 Tokens?

Our team will help you to operate on instant exchange to trade PRG2 Tokens successfully. We will teach you the basis of trading.

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